• Brite Revolution Featured Spot

    Brite Revolution, a great website for artist promotion, has chosen me for one of their "featured artist" spots for this week. Go to to check it out!

    Also, visit to get some free music, including a brand new track from my upcoming album "Broken Branches."

  • Tracking Drums, Bass, and Electric Guitars

    Here's one of the initial takes of a new song "Hallelujah" from the session last week. Marlon, Robby, and Michael (drums, bass, and electric guitar respectively) gave a good bit of flavor to these songs. It's pretty fun to see how incredible musicians like that can add so much life to the bare bones of an acoustic guitar and scratch vocal. Keep in mind that even though this sounds awesome, this isn't the final product. Still plenty more work to put in on this song as well as the other nine. In the next couple weeks, we'll be adding acoustic guitars, more electrics, keys, vocals, etc. Stay tuned for more updates like this!

  • A New Record...

    My dear friends and family,

    It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten new music into your hands. Thinking back on it, I can’t believe that “Something to Live For” (a.k.a. STLF) was released almost three years ago! Over that time frame, if you have seen me play a show, you have more than likely not only heard the songs of STLF, but also a handful of newer ones that have (slowly but surely) been pressed out of my heart. Those songs have eventually added up, and I have what I feel is the right set to create a new a record!

    First off, I want to apologize that it has been so long. I know that some of you have really enjoyed STLF, and have listened to it over and over again. For that, I want to thank you. Your support helps so much to fuel the machine, and allows me to live out this dream and do what I was created to do. So THANK YOU!!! However, I have left you waiting too long for new music. The wait is over…

    I think that this quiet period in between albums has been an incredible blessing. I have learned so much about music and what it means to write a song. I have been studying the records of some of my favorite songwriters in order to learn how to better craft each line and melody, as well as how to better place my soul into every lyric. My hope is that this education process has drawn out songs that not only reflect who I am being formed into, but also relate to your day-to-day experiences. I want these songs to speak the truth, to talk about brokenness and pain, and to convey a hope and love where it often seems like there isn’t any. 

    With all that being said, I truly believe in these songs… so much so that I have chosen to invest my time and income into bringing them to life. On April 17, I will be going into the studio to begin the journey. A great friend and mentor of mine will be producing the record - Paul Reeves at Domus Sound ( in Athens, GA. Another great friend/warlock/Grammy-nominated engineer, Tony Terrebonne, will be helping us find the sounds needed to make this thing great. AND we will be partnering with some incredible musicians (more on that later) to feel out each part that each song has to offer.

    As you can probably tell, I am incredibly excited to see what these songs become in just a few short weeks. Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@samheilig) to check out updates on the recording process.  Thank you for your patience over the last few years. Know that it will be worth the wait. I can’t wait to share this with you. To God be the glory.

    - Sam